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We started our Blog because the web guy said that if we didn’t blog, our SEO rating would be low.  But once we started the blog, we discovered that we actually have quite a lot to share about diving in Pedasi, Panama and about diving in general.  Together, our blog, videos and photos, offer you general scuba diving info, a peak into diving around Isla Iguana and an idea of the level of professionalism that you can expect from Pacific Paradise Dive Shop & Ocean Lovers.

Our goal for the blog is to cover a wide variety of topics including safety, training, divers and life on our enchanted reef here in Pedasi.  Please enjoy the blog (as well as the photos and videos) and let us know what you think!

Sharks, Rays, Marine Turtles: Protecting & Preserving Our Oceans

In many parts of the world, including Panama, there is still much that we do not know about the status of these marine megafauna such as sharks, rays & marine turtles and, in many cases, their populations are declining before we have a chance to fully study them.

SCUBA Equipment: Rent vs. Buy (Part 2)

The Million Dollar Question Last month we took a look at all the reasons that buying scuba equipment (some or all) is the correct path for a diver.  This month we take a look at the definite benefits of scuba equipment rental.  As a professional diver, I have all my...

Scuba Equipment: Rent vs Buy (Part 1)

Explore the rent vs buy scuba equipment question in a two part series. This article, Part 1, focuses on the reasons to buy scuba equipment. In Part 2, we explore why renting scuba equipment may be right for you.

Learn to Dive: First Immersion(s)

So, you’ve decided to learn to dive. You’ve put on your swimsuit and sunscreen, packed your beach bag and cooler and you’re ready to head to the beach. Well….hold on a minute. Learning to scuba dive takes patience, practice and a safe, confined area to get familiar...

Dive Equipment: Safety Equipment

So, by now, you’ve probably got your head wrapped around the basics of dive equipment…you know, mask, snorkel, BCD, fins, tank, regulator. The ‘normal’ stuff. But wait! There’s more! As you continue to dive, increasing your training and experience, you discover there...

Basic Diver Responsibilities

You did it! You completed your Open Water Diver (OWD) Certification by completing your 4 open water immersions. In those open water immersions you performed the skills that you perfected in the pool and your instructor has signed off on your achievements…making you an...

Learn to Dive: Dive Equipment

Learn to Dive I am often asked what I am doing here in Panama. My response, naturally, is that I am a diver and that I own a dive shop in Pedasi. I am often met with the response, “Oh! I’m a diver too!”.   And, in a country that has miles and miles of coastline, it is...

Top 10 Scuba Diving Questions

Let’s face it…scuba diving is cool! There is a certain mystery and fascination with diving and divers. When I’m speaking with non-divers, there are always certain questions that come up that generally reflect the other person’s interest in learning to dive…or their...
Why an Advanced Diver Certification?

Why an Advanced Diver Certification?

I KNOW…I KNOW! You hear words like ‘certification’, ‘training’, ‘advanced diver certification’, ‘specialty training’ and you think ‘school’. And…you HATE school! I get it. Really. But this is really more like camp! And not like...

Scuba Diving. What’s Your Super Power?

Don’t you love the idea of having a Super Power? I do! As a kid….ok, sometimes still…I contemplated the idea of having a Super Power. If I only had one power, what would it be? What could I do with that power? Of course, I would only want to use my power for good… but...

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